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Product Categories Academic Books Revision / Activity Pre-school Level (Kindergarten)
Octopus Series Preschool abc 123 for Ages 4-5
Octopus Series Preschool abc 123 for Ages 4-5

Pengarang: N/A
Penerbit: Kohwai & Young Publications (M) Sdn. Bhd
Tarikh Terbitan: 2017
Format: Kulit Nipis
Berat: 0.133kg
Dimensi: 14.9 x 1.3 x 21.0

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RM 500 tambah kos postage RM 55(Sabah&Sarawak)

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RM 120(Semenanjung Malaysia)
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Give your pre-schooler a head start with our Preschool abc 123, specially designed to introduce children aged 4-5 to the letters of the alphabet and numbers to give them the necessary exposure and practice for developing early language and literacy skills.

This book will enable your child to recognise and write the alphabets 'a' to 'z' and numbers 1-20. This book serve as an effective teaching and learning tool that can be used both at home and in school.

Letter recognition and formation are taught in the context of simple words using big, easy-to-read letters and picture clues to help with comprehension. Tracing, colouring and other pencil activities are provided to develop your child's fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination.
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9789673965830 Octopus Series Preschool abc 123 for Ages 4-5 MYR 5.52

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